Terms and conditions

1. "The agency"

"The agency" refers to Retail Human Resources plc whose registration number is 3699291 and whose registered office is at 14 Bristol Gardens, London W9 2JG, trading as Together Communications. "The client" refers to the party who has engaged our services.

2. Advertising Booking

2.1 If we are appointed as your agency, the agreement can be terminated by either party by giving three months’ notice in writing to the other.

2.2 The client agrees to book all its recruitment advertising through the agency. In the event that it books elsewhere, or through another agency, the client shall pay to the agency 10% of the total amount paid to the media. Social media campaigns and the client’s non-recruitment advertising are excluded.

2.3 The client agrees that it shall not place any advertisements that could be regarded as libellous or illegal and specifically that those advertisements do not discriminate against individuals of the protected characteristics as defined by The Equality Act 2010. The client agrees to indemnify the agency against legal action resulting from such an advert.

2.4 The agency agrees, if it is responsible for the advertisement, to ensure that it is not libellous, unlawfully discriminatory or in bad taste. All copy and creative provided by the agency will be submitted to the client for approval and responsibility for that content then becomes the client’s.

2.5 The agency must pay the media supplier promptly in order to maintain its excellent relationships with the supplier. Therefore, the client agrees to pay the agency, promptly and within 30 days of the invoice date subject to clause 2.6 below.

2.6 The agency recognises that with some large corporations, payment within 30 days is not practical. By arrangement, 60-day terms can be agreed if a surcharge of 0.5% of the invoice value is added to that invoice. 90-day terms can be agreed if the client agrees to a 1% surcharge of the invoice value.

2.7 A late payment fee of 2% per month on invoices that are paid late without agreement.

2.8 Invoices will be raised on the written acceptance of an advertising proposal.

2.9 Where the client has a purchase order system in place, the client undertakes to raise the purchase order within 5 days of the advertising proposal being agreed. Where this has not happened, the client agrees that the payment terms will be reduced by the same number of days that the purchase order was late.

2.10 VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate on all services provided within the UK.

3. Creative and Copy Writing

3.1 Creative work will be charged out at the hourly rate for the copywriter or creative engaged. Quotes will be given in advance.

3.2 Minor alterations to existing work are not normally chargeable.

3.3 All creative work will be submitted to the client before publication. The client undertakes to deal with this promptly if there is a deadline, as in the case of print.

3.4 We reserve the right to charge extra if there are numerous alterations after the copy and artwork have been submitted to brief. 3.5 Payment terms are as above and creative charges will be added to the media booking invoice.

4. Research

4.1 Clients who are contracted with us will automatically receive free of charge any research that is carried out as part of our editorial input to the Retail Appointment.

4.2 Specific research projects will be agreed with the client in advance.

5. Response Management

5.1 The agency agrees to have the response managed by trained individuals who have specific training in areas such as diversity.

5.2 No guarantees or rebates are available in candidates joining your organisation as a result of a response managed campaign. Responsibility lies solely with the client who must satisfy themselves of an applicant’s suitability for the role.

5.3 Whilst we will use our best endeavours to ensure that an applicant does have the right to work in the UK or whichever jurisdiction they are to be employed, it is for the client to satisfy themselves that all necessary visas have been obtained.

5.4 The agency will try to accommodate all enquiries after the campaign has been completed but cannot be responsible for ongoing enquiries from individuals after the campaign has finished and such enquiries may be referred onwards to the client.

5.5 The agency agrees to treat all applicants with the utmost respect and courtesy.

6. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Any dissatisfaction with any of our services should be taken up with the relevant account manager or director concerned. If the client is still not satisfied, then the matter should be referred to Richard Horwood or Peter Burgess who will do their best to allay a client’s concern.

7. Jurisdiction

All our contracts are governed by the laws of England and Wales unless otherwise stated in their letter of contract.

Standard Terms and Conditions dated 22nd January 2021

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