Strategic recruitment planning

Advertising on job boards, particularly the aggregators where you buy traffic rather than space, needs careful planning.

Strategic recruitment planning

Strategic recruitment planning pie chart

Plan A

Any organisation has plans for the future. Be it a commercial concern, a government department or a charity, it must have a plan. That plan must be flawed if it doesn’t include people and, if it does include people, it must involve recruitment. Whilst all business plans and all forecasts end up changing, sometimes beyond recognition, it is a good starting point to have a strategic plan for the year ahead and perhaps beyond. Recruitment planning is no different.

Plan B

Placing an advert is a fairly simple process, although it should still represent the client in the most positive way and get the message across whilst avoiding the many legal pitfalls. Most organisations should have an overall strategy, which will need constant updating. With larger organisations in particular, we would aim to be a part of that process to enable consistency of the message surrounding the organisation’s values, goals and standards. When multiple people frame their messages in different ways or have their preferred media choices, the message can become confused and the budget stretched. Together can help with planning job advertising across print and online media, helping you get the most from your recruitment advertising budget.

Every organisation needs a plan and that plan must include recruitment.
  • Buying traffic on aggregator job boards needs special planning.
  • The company’s message needs consistency.
  • Budgets need to be maximised.
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Plan C

As an example, a major new supermarket opening will inevitably need more people. Where do they come from? What is the marketplace like? If it’s just one or two new people, no problem. If you want 200 people in a small town, it needs careful planning. Let’s say this supermarket is going to be in Milton Keynes. It’s not good enough to place an advert in the local paper and on a few job boards. It is important to know that Milton Keynes has virtually zero unemployment and the salaries paid there are higher than anywhere else in the country apart from central London. Industry knowledge is priceless and must be a part of any strategy. We’ve got that.

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