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Social media platforms have billions of users and can be a powerful tool in targeting diverse markets.

Social media

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A full time job

Social media is madly competitive at the moment. It is hard to be seen if you don’t understand the algorithms, the best posting times, the effective use of eye-catching images and the power of precisely edited copy. We do. We also plan out content for our clients on a monthly basis and ensure that it is relevant. Managing your social media account is a full time job. Responding to messages and comments is very time consuming and must be done in a timely fashion in order to get the best from your page.

We do all of this for you. We cover Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram; and all of these should have different strategies. We can also manage paid advertising campaigns on social media, targeting the right audiences for your posts at the lowest costs. We work with our clients to hit their targets (more followers, recruitment, EVP, etc.) and report monthly.

It's only Facebook, right?

Social media is now an extremely powerful tool in engaging with your potential workforce. It can also be a dangerous one. All too often, recruiters think that the type of content they share on Facebook or Tik Tok with their friends is also right for recruitment. It might not be. And, it might be positively dangerous. The district managers of a major pub chain wanted to do their own thing and not waste money on agencies. The first campaign they launched pictured all of them having a pint in one of their pubs. Sounds innocuous, right? All of them were white, middle aged men. Just because you’re advertising on social media doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be professional (and legal). Because social media is seen as fun, most people don’t realise that anything that goes on their company pages is just like talking to the press. And, most organisations have strict rules about that.

Getting the best out of social media is a full time job.
  • Understanding algorithms, best posting times, imagery and copy
  • Timely response to messages and comments required
  • Targeted posts
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Real life content is powerful as long as you don’t appear to be discriminating against a group whose characteristics are protected by law. Positive discrimination in favour of one of the protected groups is also illegal. But reaching out to these groups on social media is not. Your advertising spend can be targeted to, say, people of a certain age or sex as long as the copy makes clear that the job is open to all.

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