Response management

We’re here when you’re short on manpower and don’t have the time or inclination to staff up for the duration of a recruitment campaign.

Response management

Not enough hours in the day

There are times when a campaign is especially labour intensive and yet you don’t have the resource to manage the response. This leads to good applications being missed and can lead to poor candidate management. You can solve the problem by going to agencies or consultants, but that may not be cost effective. Our response management service is the answer. It will be tailored to your specific needs and the level of input from us will range from a simple sorting of applications through to providing pre-screened, shortlisted candidates.

From sift and sort to shortlist

At its most basic, you can have your responses sorted into piles of yes, no and maybe. We can also arrange interviews for the yes group, and perhaps for the maybes as well (whilst dealing with enquiries from the no group on your behalf). Or, you might wish for all applicants to be telephone or video interviewed, where we would agree the exact specification for that with you in advance. Typically, this works very well for seasonal recruitment or new site openings.

As a client, you just agree the scope and specification with us, a budget and the advertising — and we do the rest. All you need to do is screen/interview the shortlisted candidates. Our screening would be carried out by trained personnel to ensure the best possible candidate experience and obtain the best shortlist that is available for you.

Together will take care of the entire advertising and response management process for you. All you’ll have to do is:
  • Agree the scope and specification of what you want us to do
  • Agree a budget
  • Agree the advertising
Arsenal recruitment ad

Case study: Arsenal

We produced advertising for print, job boards and Facebook for Arsenal in order to recruit 250 retail assistants and 50 tour and museum hosts. This project included a response management package, comprised of collating and filtering applications, telephone interviews and booking suitable candidates directly onto client assessment days. Once the client made offers to successful candidates, we collated references on behalf of the client and advised the unsuccessful candidates. Find out more...

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In the words of Carl W Buechner, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” As with any supplier/client relationship, it is the strength of that relationship that is critical to its success. We aim to build relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect and that usually starts with us meeting.

To find out more, please do call, email or send our enquiry form. We look forward to meeting you.

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