Our team includes a PR professional who has extensive experience in the recruitment arena. PR input into campaigns can avoid future PR problems and gives a greater understanding into the mindset of your target audience.


A positive spin

In an ideal world, you would give us all your copy to prepare and we would ensure that it was both creative, professional and legal. However, in many organisations this is just not practical or cost effective. Line managers will often put copy together for a short advert on a job board, giving no thought to making it creative because it is “only copy.” They’ve put the job basics in, got the response mechanism correct, remembered to spell-check it and up it goes. They write emails and letters all day long, so they can certainly write a bit of copy. Few people admit to not being a good copywriter.

A cautionary tale

It is all too easy to slip up and land yourself in hot water with the press. One of our clients posted a job description as copy for the job they were recruiting. To compound that error, that job description (for a store manager) was riddled with masculine bias (he will, he should, he, he, he…not a non-binary pronoun in sight). A local newspaper picked up on this and it could have been a major scandal but for the deft intervention of our PR team. Enquiries from national press were deflected and the incident got no further coverage.

PR input should be about subtle corporate promotion, positive press coverage and giving a greater understanding of your target audience. But, it’s also about avoiding negative coverage and legal pitfalls. And, having a PR professional as part of our team also guides the creatives to be commercial. What use is eloquent prose if it doesn’t attract job seekers?

PR input can be proactive, reactive or used just to provide a subtle boost.
  • Positive media coverage
  • Helps in understanding the mindset of your target audience
  • Few, if any, recruitment advertising agencies have a PR facility

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In the words of Carl W Buechner, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” As with any supplier/client relationship, it is the strength of that relationship that is critical to its success. We aim to build relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect and that usually starts with us meeting.

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