Careers pages

Your career pages are vital if you have ongoing recruitment needs. However, in many organisations they play Cinderella to the product or service that they provide.

Careers pages

The flagship of your recruitment strategy

Career pages should be different to job boards. If someone visits your own page, then it’s definitely you for which they want to work. If you get an application through a job board, the applicant might simply have stumbled across your advert or page. This should be the flagship of your recruitment campaign or strategy. If you don’t have a careers page we can build one for you or give you pages on our own sites which would be under your own branding. Just click on one of the Retail Appointment client pages below to see how it works.

Your careers site is a living thing. It needs constant attention or it will go stale. What seems a brilliant idea in the summer months, has withered and appears clichéd and old hat by the following February.

Increase employer appeal with career pages

Career pages are more than just a passing trend. There’s a reason for their increasing popularity, and that lies in their benefits. If done correctly (and this is where SEO comes into its own), career pages are effectively free traffic to your jobs. You can show off your employer branding and give candidates more insight into your organisation, thereby increasing your attractiveness as an employer. And well thought out career pages are a great way for existing employees to refresh themselves with the company structure and see their progression routes. If you’re not recruiting all the time, they’re a great way to talent bank candidates who want to work for you.

Career pages are vital to organisations with ongoing recruitment needs.
  • The flagship of your recruitment strategy
  • A great chance to shout about your brand.
  • They need constant attention to stay fresh.
The Retail Appointment - ALDI
The Retail Appointment - Nandos

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