Together Communications

Employee Engagement

Building on our strengths in recruitment advertising and helping organisations to hire the talent they need, we have designed, written, produced and delivered a wide range of online and offline projects to engage with employees throughout their time with the organisation.

This has included communications to support the recruitment process such as application forms, applicant tracking systems and the design of psychometric testing and assessment tools, which we have undertaken in partnership with a number of HR consultancies.

This has naturally led on to projects for induction, internal communications, performance management, training and development, retention and succession planning; everything covering the entire employee lifecycle.

Our client understanding and insight ideally places us in a formidable position to deliver creative and effective communications from induction packs to employee handbooks, benefits packages, pension booklets, and appraisal, training and development materials.

The more we understand an organisation's employer brand, culture and future direction, the more value we can add to the successful engagement of its employees at every stage.