Together Communications

Advertising & Marketing

This really pulls together all the elements in branding, design, advertising and the full range of external communications. Smaller organisations without an in-house marketing capability frequently retain our services to scope out and recommend a calendar of activity which best fits their business and target audience. Or we can review their existing marketing activity, and work with them to improve it.

We'll get to know the organisation in more detail, talk through business objectives and target audience, then suggest a course of action which meets those objectives in the most cost-effective way.

This can encompass a wide range of activities such as advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, newsletters, PR and editorial, telemarketing, email marketing, event management and sales promotion.

Often we help organisations to recognise the need to take a step back before taking a marketing step forward. Targeted research and analysis can often result in rebranding or improvements in the copywriting and design of current collateral.

Whatever the approach and course of action, we work closely with clients to measure the effectiveness of any advertising and marketing campaign and continue to refine it.